Your Guide to Real Estate Investment in Dubai: Tips for Affluent Expats

Your Guide to Real Estate Investment in Dubai: Tips for Affluent Expats

In the world of Dubai real estate, a notable figure has emerged — Ahmed, a real estate specialist providing support to foreign buyers. Together with Raphael, also known as The Wealthy Expat, they cover all the essential topics related to property purchase, from choosing the ideal property to completing all legal procedures.

Choosing the Right Property: The First Step to Success

Selecting a real estate property in Dubai should be based on your goals and preferences. A wide range of options is available, from luxurious seaside villas to modern apartments in the city center. It's important to determine whether you're looking for a personal residence, a commercial property, or an investment project. Understanding your needs will help narrow down your search and make the right choice.

The decision to buy a property "off-plan" or an already completed apartment depends on your financial and time constraints. In the current market conditions, buying "off-plan" appears to be more attractive in terms of cost.

Financing and Mortgage: Flexible Options for Investors

Dubai attracts investors not only with its real estate assets but also with convenient financing schemes. Non-residents can take advantage of mortgage lending, covering up to 60% of the property's value, with a down payment of 40%. Developers also offer attractive installment payment plans, making the purchase even more accessible.

Confidentiality and Protection: Purchasing Through a Company

In Dubai, there is an option to purchase real estate in the name of a company, providing additional confidentiality and asset protection. This is an ideal option for those looking to maintain anonymity and avoid legal risks.

Best Areas for Investment: Where to Look for High Returns

Depending on your goals, Dubai offers various areas for investment. For short-term rentals, tourist zones such as Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai are ideal. If your goal is a long-term capital investment, consider areas with private houses and villas where there is a stable increase in value.

Associated Costs and Purchase Process

One of the peculiarities of buying real estate in Dubai is the need to pay a registration fee, which is 4% of the property's value. This fee is paid to the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and is a mandatory condition for the official registration of ownership to the buyer. However, there is no transfer tax charged. This makes purchasing real estate in Dubai more attractive compared to many other countries, where such a tax can significantly increase the total purchase costs. It's important to consider that, in addition to the registration fee, there may be other expenses associated with purchasing real estate, such as legal service costs, notary fees, utility connection fees, etc.

Renting vs. Buying: What to Choose?

The choice between renting and buying depends on your individual preferences and readiness to invest. Dubai offers excellent conditions for both short-term renting and long-term ownership of real estate, promising high returns.

Golden Visa: A Path to Long-term Residence in the UAE

Investing in Dubai real estate is not only a profitable financial investment but also opens the doors to obtaining the UAE's "golden visa." This type of visa is granted to foreign investors investing in the country's economy and offers a number of significant advantages, making the process of obtaining and renewing long-term residence more straightforward and convenient.

Advantages of the "Golden Visa":

  1. Long-term Stay: Unlike standard visas, the "golden visa" grants the right to reside in the UAE for up to 10 years with the possibility of renewal. This provides stability and confidence in the future for investors and their families.
  2. Family Inclusion: The "golden visa" holder can include family members, including spouses, children, and parents, providing them with the same residency rights.
  3. Right to Work and Study: Obtaining a "golden visa" grants the right to work and study in the UAE, offering additional opportunities for career and personal development.
  4. No Income Tax: The UAE is known for its favorable tax policy, and "golden visa" holders also benefit from the absence of income tax.

Collaborating with a reliable real estate agency, such as Major Real Estate, significantly simplifies the purchase process and provides access to exclusive offers. The company offers a wide range of services, from property selection to legal transaction support. The professionalism and experience of the specialists ensure the safety and profitability of your investments.

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