Construction of the tallest infinity pool in the world has begun in Dubai.

Construction of the tallest infinity pool in the world has begun in Dubai.

Developer Nakheel has begun building the 50th floor of its Palm Tower. This floor will feature the highest infinity pool on the island and in the world - it will be located at an altitude of 210 meters. The current record is held by the pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which is located at an altitude of about 200 meters.

The swimming pool in Palm Tower will be filled with 930 thousand liters of water.

Two more floors will be added to the Palm Tower. On one there will be a club, and on the other there will be an observation deck at an altitude of 240 meters.

Palm Tower is part of a complex that also includes a two-story shopping mall and a Dubai Monorail station. The St. Hotel will open in the tower itself later this year. Regis with 289 rooms, which will occupy 18 floors of the building. The Palm Tower and shopping center will also open in 2019.

About 75 percent of the retail space in the mall has already been leased. Some tenants have begun finishing work. In total, 350 retail outlets will be opened in the shopping center.

The developer has also begun construction of the Palm360 complex, which consists of two towers. The height of one of them will reach 260 meters. The building will be the tallest on Palm Island.

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Source: Gulf News

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