The grandiose World Expo 2020 show in Dubai

The grandiose World Expo 2020 show in Dubai

What is the World Exhibition (Expo)

The first World's Fair was organized in 1851 and focused on trade, demonstration of technological achievements. However, since the end of the 20th century, countries have been using the exhibition as a platform for discussing global issues, presenting the latest technologies and services, as well as improving their national image.

The city of the event is chosen by the International Bureau of Exhibitions by secret ballot. In 2013, the following candidates were represented: Sao Paulo (Brazil), Dubai (UAE), Yekaterinburg (Russia), Izmir (Turkey) and Ayutthaya (Thailand). As a result of the vote, Dubai won by a margin of 69 votes.

Expo 2020 Dubai will be open to guests from all over the world for six months, from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. The UAE plans to host more than 20 million guests from all over the world for six months.

What awaits us at Expo 2020 Dubai

The theme of the exhibition is "Uniting minds, creating the future." The host country pays great attention not only to international cooperation, but also to the development of youth policy. According to the organizers, this is what will benefit both the country and the world in all spheres of life in the future. Due to the vastness of the main theme, all the pavilions were divided into thematic groups: Mobility, Opportunities and Sustainable Development.

More than 190 countries will take part in the world exhibition. This is a record representation in the history of such events. On the territory of Expo 2020 Dubai, you can enjoy a variety of gastronomic traditions, world-class architecture and study the culture and art of your favorite countries. It is this place that will unite the whole world for 173 days and give an unforgettable experience.

The Expo 2020 exhibition area is located on the territory of the new Dubai Trade Center, with a total area of 43,800 m2. For the convenience of visitors, a new Route 2020 metro line will be built to it, it will connect the complex with the business center of the city.

The main pavilions

 “Al Wasl Plaza”

Al-Wasl will become the central square for celebrations and ceremonies. The open space will be covered by a translucent spherical dome, so you can enjoy a walk through parks, cafes and restaurants in any weather. The dome will also be used for various broadcasts. Al Wasl Plaza is designed for 10 thousand people and will connect all three thematic quarters of the exhibition.


Inside this pavilion, you will find the largest and most spacious lifting platform in the world. With its help, you will be able to travel through the centuries, starting from the oldest discoveries of mankind and ending with the prospects for the development of artificial intelligence of the future. The journey will begin with 9th century Baghdad at the Islamic academy “House of Wisdom” and end with the city of the future in the virtual world. Throughout the journey, you will be served by robots and drones in the role of waiters.


This themed pavilion is completely eco-friendly, it will be built exclusively from organic materials suitable for recycling.

The spiral dome of the pavilion will be made of 111 kilometers of woven ropes. The theme of the site will be devoted to the development of each person's initiative. The various game technologies inside will help to take a different look at global issues and problems related to the usual needs for water, food and energy.

"Sustainable development"

The original name of the pavilion “The Sustainability" combines such concepts as environmentally safe and long-term socio-economic development. On the territory of this space, visitors can take a walk among the rainforest and dive into the depths of the ocean. Many pavilions will be dedicated to the relationship between man and nature, and you will be told how to reduce the level of reckless consumption and the influence of man-made factors. The participants of the exhibition will be introduced to global innovative projects that will save the planet for future generations and contribute to the development of the world.


The cost of admission to the events is quite affordable and depends on the number of days you want to spend at the exhibition. For example, a one-day ticket for an adult visitor will cost about 2 thousand rubles (120 dirhams), for three days it will cost about 4,320 rubles (260 dirhams).

Children under the age of 5 and the elderly aged 65 and over, as well as people with special needs, will be able to attend Expo 2020 Dubai absolutely free of charge.

Visitors aged 6 to 17, full-time students and accompanying people with special needs will receive a 50% discount on all tickets.

Most of the tickets will not be available until April 2020.

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