Dubai will have a new tallest hotel in the world

Dubai will have a new tallest hotel in the world

    The United Arab Emirates has always been famous for its ingenuity and uniqueness of its buildings. Dubai will break its record and in 2023 the new highest hotel in the world with a height of 360 meters will be built.

    What elements of infrastructure will be in the highest hotel? A rooftop observation deck, a swimming pool, world-class restaurant service, laundry services, an equipped fitness center, free parking service and much more. The hotel itself, called Ciel, will consist of 82 levels and be located in the Dubai Marina district. According to the project, the hotel is designed for more than 1042 guest rooms, including 150 suites, it will offer world-class hospitality, restaurants and entertainment in one of the most prestigious areas of the Middle East and will become the new architectural symbol of the Emirate.

The world's tallest hotel

    At the moment, the Gevora Hotel, also located in Dubai, rightfully occupies the title of the highest hotel in the world, its height is more than 356 meters and it consists of 75 floors. It is located in the central district of downtown, and is located a few dozen minutes from the main attractions - La Mer beach, Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

    Probably, everyone wanted to look at the world from a bird's-eye view at least once in their life. And indeed, the incredible beauty of the picturesque views make you admire what you see. We invite you to take a look at the view from above from the highest hotel in the world.

    What is the secret of the United Arab Emirates's wealth and popularity? Everything is simple: the desire to increase the geographical and economic advantages of the country has created all the conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, and huge funds have been invested in creating modern, almost incredible projects of the XXI century.

Dubai is about the height

    It is not surprising that the Arab Emirates took the leading position in the title of the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa skyscraper reaches a height of more than 829 meters. The giant was built in record time – in just 6 years, the cost is 1.5 billion dollars. Inside there are residential apartments, a hotel, working offices, shopping areas, a restaurant, gym and jacuzzi, swimming pools, two observation decks.

What about investing in skyscrapers?

    Investment in real estate in Dubai is one of the world's best investment platforms - the level of profitability is constantly growing, which is an indicator of reliability. It is worth noting that the average return on investment is about 120% - this is the largest indicator in the world. The Dubai construction and real estate sector itself accounts for more than 22% of the Dubai economy. However, the government of Dubai decided not to stop there and initiated a development plan until 2020. It includes creating a favorable business climate and attracting even more investors.

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that Dubai real estate has been and remains an attractive investment platform, which will further develop in the future.

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